secure your development

Security starts with secure applications.
Hackers and script kiddies have access to a broad arsenal of hacking tools that can fully automate an attack against your (Web-) applications. Since the boundary between “the trusted inside” and “the evil outside” is fading away by the use of cloud applications and the introduction of new, unmanaged devices within your organization (BYOD), you can no longer ignore threats against your internal applications.

Our Secure Development offerings range from deep-technical security assessments to broader secure application advice and in-depth security training programs. Whether proactively training your developers on secure development concepts prior to the release of software or performing reactive analyses to find vulnerabilities in your existing code base, tSF experts are able to guide your organisation to more secure software

Our offering in the area of
Development and Application security is 2-fold:


We provide security training for your developers, based on Microsoft’s Secure Development Lifecycle methodology (SDL).

Using SDL concepts, developers will learn how to build secure software and learn about common mistakes and known pitfalls.
We will also team up with your developers to help them develop a security architecture and framework that maximally integrates with your existing Microsoft platform, such as authentication and authorization frameworks, crypto functions, etc.


We can assist with:

  • Code reviews
  • Application security assessments
  • Application penetration-testing services.

We also can help you to fix issues short-term, e.g. in case you have suffered from security incidents.

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