secure your environment

We can assist you in reviewing and optimizing the selection of secure authentication mechanisms for existing and new applications in your organization.

Direct Access design and implementation

Direct Access is Microsoft's newest remote access capability. It is a high secure, IPv6 based solution and works quite differently from the traditional VPN solutions. Especially end-users appreciate the joy of this seamless remote-access solution.

Network Access Protection

How do you control access to your network in a gradual and manageable way? Network Access Protection allows to differentiate between managed, up-to-date workstation, unpatched laptops and non-company devices and update these devices when and where needed.

Data Leakage prevention

Data leakage is a major issue in many organizations but has proven to be a hard-to-solve problem, since it impacts all aspects of your IT infrastructure:

  • Hard disk-encryption for laptops
  • Access control for USB sticks
  • E-mail inspection
  • Access to consumer cloud-storage
  • Data-encryption, etc.

We can assist you in selecting and implementing the right solutions for your environment.

Admin-less and high-secure infrastructure management

Did you know it takes hackers only a couple of minutes to obtain domain-administrator credentials once they have obtained control on one computer in your environment? And there's no easy solution or patch for this problem: only carefully managing privileged accounts and how they are used can prevent that hackers can escalate their privileges through e.g. pass-the-hash attacks.

Infrastructure Security Assessment

Do you believe you have secure environment and want to have this confirmed by an independent party? Or do you have no idea at all of the security posture of your IT infrastructure? We can perform a broad and in-depth assessment of the security maturity level of your organization and help you identify strategic security investments based on specific threats and business security drivers.

Vulnerability assessments & infrastructure
penetration testing

Seeing is believing! By demonstrating how (in)secure your environment currently is, you as an IT Security administrator can demonstrate whether or not future security investments are needed.

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) security architecture

BYOD has surfaced many security issues that already existed in organizations for a long time, since it makes clear that the separation between the trusted inside and the evil outside word is fading away. By carefully evaluating the security maturity of your internal network and planning for high-value security investments, you can create a secure BYOD strategy without sleepless nights.