secure your environment

Our main offers include

OS and Application Hardening

By controlling and tuning OS and application security parameters, we can assist you with tuning the security level of your platform from commercial to military grade. Using build-in security features of the OS, we will provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to control application execution, network access and other measures to block the majority of existing and new malware.

Secure virtual zoning

Whether or not your network is under attack, keeping your most valuable assets (research data, application source code, strategic information, etc) in a secure, isolated network, is a best-practice, very often used in high-secure, military environments. Using network security techniques, we can help you create virtual secure networks on top of your existing networks that provide you the necessary level of isolation, without the need of a complete separate network and computer infrastructure.

Scenario based auditing

Effective auditing is the major pain point of many organizations. IT administrators will just enable auditing, but without proper strategy, this will only result in masses of data that are never looked at. We can assist you in analyzing the most critical scenarios that you want to audit and automate the collection, filtering and analysis of these events.

PKI Design and implementation

PKI is one of the cornerstones of a security architecture and must be carefully designed, implemented and operated. Not well thought out PKI designs or design based on incomplete requirements often lead to high costs later on and might even leave your critical PKI open to attacks.

Advanced authentication solutions
  • Kerberos
  • NTLM
  • Basic authentication
  • Digest
  • TLS
  • EAP
  • (Virtual) Smart-cards
  • WS-Federation
  • SAML
  • OpenID

These are just a few examples of authentication mechanisms that are probably currently in use within your organization. But are they secure and have they been securely implemented? Did you select the best mechanism for each application?