We provide information security services and solutions for your organisation and multiple layers of security to your infrastructure, applications and facilities.

Security threats and attacks are rapidly increasing and becoming more advanced every day; what used to be more than sufficiently secure is no longer adequate today. To be able to keep up with current and future threats, advanced countermeasures need to be put in place. Recent versions of security hard- and software as well as Microsoft operating systems already contain a wealth of security functionalities, which unfortunately are rarely understood and used to their fullest potential.

Our mission is to educate, train and guide you to increase the security level of your organisation by effectively using what you have already purchased. We will use our expertise to assist you in the decision making process when acquiring necessary security products and services that will compliment your on-going security investments.

The Security Factory is part of the Cronos group.


We invite you to discover our main offers:

The weakest link in the security chain is often not technology or processes, but people.
We offer you a Development and Application Security package that consists of proactive and reactive offerings.
Antivirus and patching are the most important and basic security measures that most organizations have implemented nowadays.